PAISAC’s mission is to participate in the sports development in the African and Caribbean countries, members of the Commonwealth and the “Francophonie”, by means of training in order to contribute to the revalorization of the role and function of the technical sports administrators in these countries. What are its major objectives?

Train and/or improve the coaches and/or trainers in applied sports sciences: women and men of high level or still developing their skills.
To deliver a basic training to African and Caribbean women in order to encourage their implication in the sports supervision of young girls and therefore increase their presence in the sporting system within their country as coaches, trainers or leaders.
To help the Federations and organizations in sport implement their own training program inspired by the Canadian NCCP through a follow-up in the field, in order to ensure their autonomy and their self-sufficiency in a sustainable manner in the short-term as well as in the long term.