The quality of the training program of the NCCP offered by PAISAC.

The commitment of its responsible collaborators throughout the different training activities.

The competent academic and logistical management during the training.

Innovative and varied programs linked directly to the reality of sports in Quebec and in Canada.

The participation of the African coaches concerning the adaptation of the Canadian program to their own realities and needs.

A training approach focused on the development of competencies and the know-how.

High level sports facilities where high profiles athletes and their coaches train.

The accreditation and the coaching card of the NCCP, granted from the CAC to the coaches.


The discovery of another system in the field of coach education and training.

Complementary and associated training activities that add a surplus value to the program.

The initiation to and frequent use of the new information technologies.

An enrichment of knowledge facilitated by the exchanges between coaches-coaches and coaches-teachers/trainers.

The acquisition of pedagogical documents as well as sports equipment.

The discovery of and the day-to-day life with a family from Montreal.

The partnership with the African National Olympic Committees.